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Spotlight On: Bergamot

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Who could have ever predicted that a yellow green fruit about the size of an orange with a bitter taste would become one of the most popular and distinctive fragrance notes?


A cross between a bitter orange and a lemon, bergamot is a citrus fruit named after the Italian city of Bergamo, in which its oil was first sold. Today, it is cultivated in the southern party of Italy, as well as in parts of South America, with the Italian bergamot being prized for its quality. The use of bergamot spans across Europe and Asia. The fruit isn’t often eaten (though in Greece the unripe fruit is sometimes enjoyed!), but the rind can be used in a variety of indulgences for the senses.

bergamot in earl grey tea

Essence of bergamot, extracted from the skin of the fruit,  is used to flavor a variety of teas, most notably Earl Grey and Lady Grey. It’s also used as a flavoring in Turkish delight candies, marmalade, and liqueur where the distinctive citrus taste and aroma can add to the experience for the tastebuds. Here are a few delicious ways you can enjoy a bit of bergamot:

Outside of steaming cup of Earl Grey, bergamot is widely recognized as a featured note in a variety of iconic fragrances. Its very subtle and complex scent pairs well with a variety of other perfume notes. Perfumers regard it as one of the most versatile ingredients and often use it as a top note. The first record of bergamot oil being used as a fragrance ingredient dates back to 1714, as found in the Farina Archive in Cologne, Germany. In fact, Farina is thought to have composed one of the first Eau de Colognes at the beginning of the 18th century using bergamot as one of the ingredients.

In aromatherapy, bergamot essential oil is regarded to be both uplifting and calming, appearing in a variety of body and skin care products, as well as used in diffusers. The only downside to bergamot essential oil is that it can cause sensitivity to sun when applied directly to the skin. To extract the essential oil of bergamot, the yellow green citrus rind of the fruit is peeled off and poked with holes, then is cold pressed by applying a great deal of pressure.

NOTE Fragrances Orchid Noir Eau de Parfum

At Noteology, you can find bergamot as a highlighted note in a variety of our eau de parfums as well as in some of our signature body care products, including:

  • Bergamot Bleu, which comes in both a eau de parfum and body creme. This bergamot fragrance is aquatic and spicy, with notes of citrus, rhubarb, ginger, coriander, rosewood, and myrtle pepper. While men and women alike love this fragrance, we particularly recommend it as a gift for men (especially if you love to catch his scent while snuggling!).
  • Our zesty and refreshing Bergamot Verbena Shea Butter Soap, which blends together Italian bergamot with California lime, French green clay, aloe, clover, and moisturizing shea butter to make a soap that’s perfect dry, combination, or sun-quenched skin.
  • Cypress White Cedar Eau de Parfum, a woody and fresh fragrance from our collection that highlights bergamot alongside cypress, green apple, tonka bean, white patchouli, cypress, Virginia cedarwood, bay laurel, and fig. Both men and women love this unexpected signature scent!
  • Pink Peony Eau de Parfum, a feminine and playful creation that uses bergamot, sheer musks, white woods, blonde amber, tangerine, jasmine, linden, and peach blossoms. This romantic fragrance from our collection is extremely popular and layers well with other fragrances. You can’t help but feel happy once you’ve caught it’s scent!
  • Orchid Noir Eau de Parfum, a sultry and seductive fragrance that showcases bergamot in combination with cassia, iris, black currant, vanilla, patchouli, vetiver, amber musk, and dark cocoa. It is spicy, captivating, and one of our favorites to wear in winter.

Several candles in our collection also use bergamot, including the botanical and aromatic Juniper + Gin, the sophisticated and uplifting Earl Grey Lemon, and the fresh and clean Bergamot Verbena.

No matter which way you choose to enjoy bergamot, we know you’ll fall in love with the reviving zest it brings, whether it’s with a spritz of perfume on your way out the door or in a warm, soothing cup of Earl Grey tea.  

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