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Private Parties

Looking for a fun daytime experience or a night out where you explore the world of of all things scented?
From kids & teens birthdays to bachelorette parties, Noteology is the place to make-your own-perfume or pour-your-own candles in our Custom Studio. 


At Noteology, we specialize in fun-filled, personalized and interactive experiences in scent for all ages. You bring the people and we will take care of the rest!

Let's celebrate! 

When you have 6 people or more in your group, it's a party! You can choose to have your party with us during our daytime hours or have a completely private party after-hours. 

You and your guests will be treated to personalized and private guidance by our expertly trained staff. During your party time, the Custom Studio is reserved for your group only. If your party is after-hours, the entire shop will be closed for your event, so you can enjoy the entire space privately with your guests.

 Private Party FAQs

Q: Can we make both perfume and candles at a party? 

No, you will need to select one or the other, perfume or candle making. 

Q: When do parties happen?

Parties start at 10:30 am, Tuesday through Saturday, and occur during the day for a semi-private party or after-hours for a fully private party. We do not host parties on Sunday or Monday unless the shop is open on those days (from Black Friday to Christmas Eve). 

Q: What are the age minimums to participate? What is considered a kid vs a teen? 

Kids parties are for kids ages 8 -12 years old. Teen parties are for teens ages 13-16 years old. Everyone 17 years or older is considered an adult. Please note, anyone 14 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult. 

Q: How long do parties last? 

Your party time depends on whether it is a kids, teen or adult party.

Kids Perfume Party lasts 1 hour. Add 30 minutes if you are celebrating with cake/cupcakes or desserts.

Teen Perfume or Candle Party lasts 1.5 hours. Add 30 minutes if you are celebrating with cake/cupcakes or desserts.

Adult Perfume or Candle Party lasts 2 hours. 

**Please note, the more people at your party, the longer it will last. When you book your party with us, your Noteology Party Planner will be happy to give you more specific times based on your party age, type and number of guests.

Q: How many people is considered a party? 

6 people or more are considered a party.  

Q: Are there party minimums? 

Yes, for parties during the day, 6 people or more is considered a party. If you want your party to be fully private and after-hours, we require 12 people or more.

For all after-hours parties, if you guest count falls below 12 participants, the host will be required to pay for the missing guests.  

Q: What is the maximum people we can accommodate for a party? 

We can accommodate up to 18 people for candles and 24 people for perfume, in the studio at one time. 

Q: Do we need to make a reservation for the party? 

Yes, all parties of 6 people or more require a reservations. We highly recommend you book your party at least 2 weeks in advance of desired party date as parties book up fast. Please call (570) 343-2100 to make your reservation.

Reservations are first come, first served. Out of respect for other reservations and our staff, please arrive on time for your scheduled party. We will start the party promptly at your scheduled time and will not be able to wait for late-arriving guests. Thank you! 

Q: Are parties for kids, teens and adults? 

You betcha! We offer parties for all ages. 

For kids, we offer perfume parties for ages 8-12 years old. Click HERE to learn more about our Birthday Parties for Kids and click HERE for our Girl Scout Party info! 

For teens, we offer both perfume and candle parties for ages 13-16 years old. Click HERE to learn more about our Teen Parties!

For adults, we offer both perfume and candle parties for ages 17+. From birthday celebrations and Bachelorette Parties to Ladies Night Out and Bridal Showers, parties are a blast at Noteology!

Q: What is the difference between a day time party and an after-hours party?  

Great question! A party that occurs during our normal business hours is considered a day party. The Custom Studio will be semi-private for your group of 6-8 people and completely private for 9 or more people.

An after-hours party is a party that occurs after we are closed. This is for 12 or more people and the entire shop (the Custom Studio & the retail boutique) are closed to the public and private for your event only.   

Q: How much do parties cost? 

There is no additional cost to host a party, guests just pay for their experience, however an 18% gratuity will be applied per person for all groups of 6 or more people in their party.

Kid's Parties: The Perfume Party for kids costs $25 per child and each child will make a rollerball perfume. The Spa Party for kids is $35 per child and includes everything in the Perfume Party and each child will also scent their own glitter lotion and be treated to a homemade facial mask. 

Teen Parties: Teens have the option to have a Perfume or Candle Party.

For perfume, the cost is $35 per teen and they will make an 8-ml Perfumette. They can also upgrade to the adult experience and make a 30-ml bottle of perfume for $60 or a 60-ml bottle for $90.

For candles, teens will have the option to make 1 candle for $45 or 2 candles for $60. 

Adult Parties: Adults have the option to have a Perfume or Candle Party. 

For perfume, we offer 2 sizes to select from. Our 30-ml bottle of perfume costs $60 and our 60-ml bottle of perfume costs $90 and includes a complimentary Perfumette. This includes your Custom Perfume experience and your bottle of fragrance to take home.

For candles, the cost is $60 and each participant will make 2 candles. This includes your Custom Candle experience and your 2 candles to take home. 

Q: How do we pay for our perfume or candle party? Is there a deposit? Do we pay ahead of time? 

When you book your party, we will keep a credit card on file for a $50 deposit to hold your date. If you cancel your party within 2 weeks of your party, you will be charged the $50 deposit. If you cancel more than 2 weeks prior to your party, you will not be charged. 

You can pay for your party either at the time of booking if you are paying for everyone, or at your party. For parties where you as the host are not paying for everyone's experience (like a Bachelorette, or Ladies Night Out), guests can pay for their own individual experience at the party.  

Q: Are there party perks?  

You bet! With each party, we will personalize a placemat setting for the person you are celebrating and each person attending the party get 20% off their retail store shopping that day!* 

Q: Can we bring food to a party?  

We do not allow outside food or snacks except a cake, cupcakes or dessert for celebrating for kids, teens, and adult parties.

We do however offer individual charcuterie boxes for all parties. The boxes include a selection of cheese, meat and crackers, along with dried and fresh fruits, jam, honey and sweet treats for teens and adults and we offer a kids version that is filled with kid-friendly snacks and treats.

Charcuterie boxes are $20 per person for adults and $15 per person for kids parties. Charcuterie boxes are intended to be for one person but they can be split amongst two people. We do require a 6 box minimum per party. Charcuterie boxes are paid for at the time of booking. 

We do provide complimentary napkins, plates, flatware, and a lighter for birthday candles. We do not provide the birthday candles, so you will want to bring those if you celebrating with a desert, cake or cupcakes.

Q: What about drinks? BYOB? Can we bring wine or alcoholic beverages to the party? 

For all parties, you can bring your own drinks. We also provide complimentary water, plastic cups, and napkins. A wine opener and large bottle holder are provided for adult parties however we DO NOT provide ice, so please bring that with you if desired.

For teen parties, you may purchase the Noteology Signature Boba drink in advance of your party! It's a delicious strawberry milk tea boba with brown sugar bubbles for $7 each. 

For adult parties, it is BYOB. You may bring-your-own wine, champagne, prosecco, beer, cider, seltzer, etc. We DO NOT allow hard liquor of any kind. 

Q: Can we decorate for a party? 

Yes, you are welcome to bring simple decorations, like balloons, for your party. Balloons can be weighted to be placed in the studio and the studio looks awesome with balloons tied to chairs. We do not allow any items to be hung, nailed or taped to the walls or widows.  

Q: Do we have to clean up after the party? 

Absolutely not! From start to finish, we will take care of the cleanup and do everything we can to accommodate your guests. Our goal is for you and your guests to have a fun-filled, memorable and effortless party. 

Q: How early can I arrive for my party? 

You may arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your party. We will start your party at your scheduled time so please remind your guests to arrive on time too!  

Q: Do I have to pay for people who are attending but no participating?

Yes. We except that everyone who attends your party is participating in the experience.

Q: Do you do parties off-site? 

Yes! We do Custom Perfume Parties and experiences off-site, at your location, for groups of 12-600. For our corporate clients, we provide Custom Perfume Bar activations. We do not do Custom Candle Parties off-site at this time.

For all parties off-site, a minimum travel fee of $500 is assessed based on your location, our travel time, and size of your party. Please call us at 570-343-2100 to learn more about these party options.

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We specialize in private parties for these occasions. Click on links below for more info:

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    *20% off excludes already reduced merchandise, gift cards and the custom studio experience and any custom add-ons or accessories. It cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.