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We are always looking to educate our customers and answer any questions they may have. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that are sent to us. If your question is not found here, feel free to write to us at info@Noteology.com and we will gladly get back to you!



Q. How do I choose the right perfume for me?

The first step in selecting the right perfume for you is to think about how you want it to make you feel when you put it on.  Your perfume is very personal in nature.  It tells your personality without you saying a word.  So take your time, think about what you want it to say about you.  Is it for a first date, an everyday summer scent or a job interview?  When you think about its purpose, what does that smell like to you?  Is it flirty with floral notes or seductive with oriental notes?   Bright and cheerful with summer citruses or clean and fresh with watery notes?  Make that connection in your mind, imagine yourself in the situation and then smell the different perfumes to see which ones evoke that emotion inside of you. 

Q. Should I have one signature scent or many different scents?

This question is a personal one.  A signature scent is one that defines you to a tee.  You wear it everywhere, all of the time.  It is you.  If you like to change your fragrance based on your mood, the occasion, the season or the time of day, there is nothing wrong with that either.  It truly is a matter of personal preference.

Q. Why do perfumes smell different on different people or different on my skin than on the blotter? 

There is much debate over these questions amongst professionals.  Some believe it is just a perception of difference because we all typically have the same pH levels on our skin.  Others believe our body chemistry and hormones alter the scent on our skin.  And others believe it is the combination of your perfume mixing with the other scents you may have on your body, from your laundry detergent to your scented soaps and lotions.  We have not found conclusive evidence to support any claim individually and most likely it is a combination of all of the above.  So we believe that you really should only be concerned with how it smells on your own skin, don't worry about others!  

Q. How long should a fragrance last on my skin and what is the best way to apply it?

The longevity or tenacity of a perfume on the skin is the result of many factors; primarily it is in the formula and aroma molecules of the fragrance.  Fragrances with deep and rich base notes will last the longest on the skin (4-24 hours) while light and airy citrus, fresh and some fruity top notes will last the least amount of time (2-4 hours).  

Where and how you apply your fragrance is also important.  For the best results, apply your fragrance directly to your wrists (without rubbing them together as that will break down the aroma molecules) and both sides of your neck.  Don't spray and walk through your perfume!  By the time you walk through it, many of the scent molecules have missed you as they fall quickly to the ground.

Q. Are there any tricks to making a perfume last longer on the skin?

Yes!  Hair is a great holder of scent.  The proteins in our hair attract and hold the fragrance molecules, so give yourself a spritz on the back of your hair for great scent tenacity.  Also, applying a layer of unscented body creme to your skin and then spraying your perfume is a great way to extend the life of a spritz.  The aroma molecules will cling to the creme and stay on the surface of your skin.   

Q. What is the shelf life of a perfume and where is the best place to store my perfume?

The shelf life a perfume is typically between 2-4 years.  The best way to extend the life of your perfume is to store it out of heat and light.  These 2 elements will break down the molecular structure of the perfume and cause it to degrade faster than normal.  Don't keep your perfume in your bathroom, that is the worst place because of constant temperature change and humidity in that environment. 

*Tip: If you are a seasonal perfume wearer, put your out-of-season bottles in the refrigerator during the off season to extend their shelf life!  Stick them in the crisper in a ziplock bag!


Q.  What is your base?

We use an organic grade of perfumer's alcohol that is denatured.  Denaturing of perfumer's alcohol is required by law in the US and around the globe.  It means that the alcohol is not suitable for consumption, i.e., if you drink it, it will make you sick.  So please don't drink your perfume!

Q. Where do your ingredients come from?

We source our ingredients from all over the world. We first look for suppliers that are local to us in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. If what we are looking for is not available locally, we will source within the US and extend out to all corners of the globe searching for the best and purest ingredients.

Q. Are your products vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes.  We do not use any animal scents, like musk or civet, or animal by-products.  These are actually outlawed and we are only allowed to use the synthetic versions.  We do not test our products on animals and do not buy from suppliers that do.  

Q. Are your products natural & organic?

We use an organic perfumer's grade alcohol from organic corn in our eau de parfums as our base.  In regards to the actual aromatic properties, we have found that using only natural essential oils greatly limits our olfactive palette and limits what we can offer to you in terms of price and variety.  We have therefore invited natural isolates and aroma molecules into our palette to give us the full range of scents to use in our sophisticated blends.  We still use a high concentration of natural essential oils but if we are looking for a fragrance ingredient that is unavailable in nature or is too costly to use, we will source natural isolates and aroma molecules that are made in a lab, for our formulas.  Without these, we wouldn't have fresh & clean notes, any musks or many of the juicy or tropical fruits.   None of our products contain phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, petrochemicals, dyes or coloring.


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Q. Are you hiring?

We do not have any employment opportunities at this time.  However if you would like to be added to our database for potential openings, please email your resume to info@Noteology.com