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Custom Candle Studio

Custom Candle Studio at Noteology

Love candles? We do too! Come make them with us in our Custom Studio and become a Chandler. A super hands-on experience that is fun-filled, interactive and completely custom. 

In our Custom Studio, you'll become a Chandler (aka Candle Maker) and make your own candles with our team. In this highly personalized and customized experience, you'll work with over 50 candle scents that you will blend with your selected vessels to create a one-of-a-kind candle.

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Are you ready to experience making candles from the experts? Did you know Danielle, our Founder, has been making candles for over 20 years! You'll learn the method and use the same ingredients that we use for the thousands of candles we make each year.

Unlike other candle studios where you sniff a crowded wall of scents, with us, you'll sniff and blend like professionals with your own Candle Scent Tier, similar to our Perfumer's Organ that you use to make-your-own perfume. You'll be working with over 35 different candle scents to create your blend and be able to pick your perfect candle containers (a.k.a. vessels) to match the season, your decor, or your vibe.

Our expertly trained Chandlers (a.k.a. Candle Makers) will guide you through the proper techniques of wicking your own candles, blending the scents, and pouring your own wax into your candle vessels. 

Once poured, your candles will need to cool down and solidify for 2 hours. During this time, you can shop around Scranton at the adorable boutiques or grab a bite to eat for some delicious eats. Can't make it back that day? No problem. We will hold your candles for you for pick-up within a week's time from your pouring date or we can ship them to you for $15. 

What else makes us different that the rest? Just like our perfume experience, your candle formula will be kept on file in our secure database. This allows us to recreate your precise formula when you need to reorder. YAY! You can have your candle made for you over and over again! Whether you are near or far, we can ship your reorder to you at any time too!

The cost of the Custom Candle experience is $60, plus tax and you will make TWO candles! Pricing includes your 2 candles and your experience. Check our our FAQs for more info and call us at 570-343-2100 to book your experience today! Reservations are required for this experience.

 We each have a story. Scent tells our story without us saying a word. Discover yours at NOTEOLOGY.