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Fine Fragrances

The first time you tasted dark chocolate. The feel of your favorite leather jacket - all at once familiar but new every time you put it on. The moment you saw your partner for the first time. And of course, the first time you found your signature scent. There’s nothing more exciting than making a new discovery. If you’re craving adventure, take your senses on a journey through scents that delight, invigorate, soothe, and excite with a fragrance from the signature collection of Noteology.
Noteology Fine Fragrances
Although we’re known for bespoke fragrances, we have our own exclusive line of eau de parfums for both men and women that you’ll absolutely love to explore. Are you more of a unisex fragrance wearer, White Pepper Mandarin is one you must check out! For fragrance lovers, our artisan perfume sets are a wonderful way to experience all of Noteology's most treasured scents. Change your fragrance with your outfit, your mood, or with the seasons. It’s like having a whole new wardrobe!
Our exclusive perfumes also make for a gorgeous gift that will delight any perfume devotee, especially if she’s itching for a new adventure for the senses!