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Noteology @ Your Wedding


The Custom Perfume Bar

Congratulations on your engagement! Your wedding is one of the most exciting, emotional and unforgettable moments in your lifetime. We are here to make those moments even more extraordinary and memorable for both you and your guests. We are pleased to offer our Scented Wedding Experiences by providing a Custom Perfume Bar at your Wedding Reception or Bridal Shower.

At Noteology, our philosophy is that our sense of smell is very powerful and is the only sense that connects us directly to our emotions and memories. It can take us back to a time in our childhood, a place in our past or an experience that we love to remember.

Bringing the Scented Experience of our Custom Perfume Bar into your wedding will not only allow your guests to engage in a fun, hands-on and interactive experience, but it will also imprint the memory of the day to their olfactive senses. Every time they smell their custom scented perfume, they will be brought back to the memories, emotions and smiles of your wedding.  

Leave the details too us as we make your Custom Perfume Bar seem effortless to your guests.  Our expertly trained scent designers will guide your guests through a beautiful array of scents to sniff as they create their very own perfume composition.  Once the notes are selected, our scent designers will blend their custom perfume on location as they capture the moments of your day in scent.  They will go home with their scent in exquisite Italian glass bottles, beautifully packaged and labeled to coordinate with your wedding theme. 

It is our pleasure to provide a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for you and your guests. Not only will they have an amazing time at your event, but they will also get to go home with a customized luxury perfume that will be remembered for years to come.  A Custom Perfume Bar is the perfect complement to your special day.  

Noteology is pleased to offer a choice of pre-set Scented Wedding Experiences making it easy for you to select a package that best suits your needs.  Please call us at (570) 343-2100, email us at info@Noteology.com or complete the form below for more information on our packages.  Congrats~