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A candle is something you bring into your home, your most sacred space, to enjoy. You should breathe deeply and smile when it’s lit, casting a soft glow in your most favorite of spots.  If you’ve searched for a candle that can offer amazing scents and a clean burn using organic beeswax and pure soy, you’ve found your match. A candle from Noteology isn’t just another gift or home accent. It’s so much more than that.
Most scented candles use ingredients that can add soot to your air, not to mention carcinogens and chemicals. At Noteology, we make our eco-friendly candles using only the best ingredients from nature. You won't find paraffin wax here! Small batch candles are, to us, an art form. We use more than 24 steps to make our candles so that we preserve their quality while ensuring you only bring the purest ingredients into your home.
Each of our candles uses certified organic beeswax and pure soy wax from soybeans from US farms to make for the perfect base. Our wicks are 100% cotton and paper for a cleaner burn that's virtually soot-free. Did we mention they also smell INCREDIBLE? The essential oils and fragrances we use are like no other. Our scented soy and beeswax candles enlighten the senses, enhance your mood, and illuminate your home in a way that only small batch candles can: with quality and care. Light, smile, and breathe deeply.