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Our Story

The story of Noteology (pronounced NOTE-OLOGY or NOTE-AH-LOW-GEE) begins with fascination and is driven by passion. Fascination with the power of scent and passion for the human psychological response to it, the study of notes (a term used for scents in perfumery) and specifically how what we smell influences how we feel, is the backbone of all that we do at Noteology. Scent's ability to evoke memories and connect us directly to those emotions is at the core of our ethos. As scent pulls us in a direction, the intense and instinctual feelings of pleasure and delight show the power of scent and how we connect to it on a daily basis. This has been our driving force for over two decades. 

Our founder, Danielle Fleming, started on this scent-filled journey over 20 years ago. As a graduate student studying to become a psychologist, she began to analyze research articles on the effects of aroma on the mind and body. She was intrigued by scent’s ability to alter our moods and behaviors because she had been looking for an alternative approach to psychotropic medications typically used in mental health. She wanted to test out her theory of, "can I 'prescribe' scent instead of medication"?

After doing further research, she decided that scent needed to be in products that we use daily in order for it not to be seen as a medication. Sniffing vials of scent all day was not going to work. Instead, she began making scented products out of her home kitchen. Danielle taught herself the art and science of perfumery and built her first company, a brand that sold eco-friendly scented personal care products and candles. As this brand grew, so did her love of entrepreneurship. She made the decision to become an entrepreneur instead of a psychologist and she never looked back! 

In her first start-up venture, she sold her products across the United States, Canada and Japan. Gift boutiques and spas carried the line, including Marriott and Ritz Carlton Spas, Whole Foods Markets, Hallmark stores and QVC. After ten years of this brand, Danielle reflected on how she became a "note-chologist" instead of a psychologist. After much reflection, she realized her love, fascination, exploration and passion for scent is what brought her here. She wanted to share this love with customers and introduce them to the world of fragrance where they could create a fragrance that speaks directly to them.

Noteology was launched, with her husband Mark whom she met in graduate school, to focus solely on connecting people with the power of scent. Their mission was to create a brand that showcased perfumes and colognes purely for their aromatic qualities and their ability to evoke emotions within us. They also wanted to harness the psychological connection to scent in a way that is individualized, creative and unique. Their passion landed Noteology a coveted seat as a Martha Stewart American Made Style Finalist, as well as being the only fragrance brand included in the official swag bags of the Primetime Emmy Awards!

At Noteology, you have options in your fragrance selection. You can select from our Signature Collection of unique Fine Fragrances for him and her, or you can create your own fragrance at our Custom Perfume Studio. Love candles? We make lots of them too! And you can pour-you-own candles in our Custom Candle Studio too! In this environment, you are given the time to explore, imagine, reflect and reconnect with the emotions that are found in every note, every bottle of perfume and each candle that you pour. You are in control of your scented journey at Noteology. We invite you to discover your scent story with us.

Because when you smell amazing, you feel amazing!