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Wedding Day Perfume

On your wedding day, all of your senses are alive.  The sound of your heart singing as you walk down the aisle.  The feel of your dress, the velvety petals of your bouquet, and the excitement of the occasion.  The taste of your wedding cake, the bubbles in the champagne, and the gentle touch of your first kiss as a married couple.  You have stylized every detail of this momentous day, but what about your fragrance?  Do you want to wear the same fragrance many other brides bought at the department store or do you want a fragrance that is completely custom designed and one-of-a-kind just for you?   

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Your personal fragrance on this day will be captured in your memory forever.  Because our sense of smell is linked to the limbic system in our brain, your fragrance has the ability to recall the memories and emotions you felt on that special day.  As it brings you right back to it, it is one of the most beautiful reflections that you can relive many days after you said "I do".   

Whether you blend for yourself, for your partner or a fragrance you both could wear, we specialize in creating a scent that captures the essence of you, your wedding, and every moment and emotion of the day.

You can customize your fragrance to speak to your love, how you want to feel when you wear it or to capture the destination of your wedding in a bottle.  Whether it is the femininity of soft florals, the purity of clean and crisp notes or the sensuousness of earthy woody notes, your fragrances is uniquely yours.  It is something special.

Noteology can help you create the perfect wedding day fragrance, for you, your groom, your wedding party, or anyone special sharing in your occasion.  Whether you craft it in our Custom Perfume Studio, host a Wedding Event at our boutique or hire our perfumer and founder Danielle to craft it for you, a scented wedding experience awaits!

Danielle takes on a limited number of custom wedding day creations each year for the bride, the groom, the wedding party or all of the above!   This process can be done locally in Scranton, PA or remotely.  Click HERE to learn more and book your fragrance consultation today.

Here is a testimonial from one of our recent brides.  


"Making my own fragrance at Noteology was an incredibly fun experience, but making one for my wedding was so much more special. The scent truly elevated the day for my husband and me, knowing I was wearing a one of a kind fragrance, on our special day, and that he gifted me the fragrance making experience. Each time I put it on I think back on our wedding and what an amazing day we had. I wholeheartedly think each bride and groom (since men could make a cologne!) should create special fragrance at Noteology for a wedding day or any other special event. Or heck, just to indulge in something financially accessible, personal, and fun that makes you feel good!" -Mrs. Chelsea Rixner

Our perfumery is the perfect place to capture the scents to make your senses sing on your special day.


 Photo Credit: Rob Lettieri Photography