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Fragrance How-To: Buying Perfume for Someone Else

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The perfect present can send the most perfect of messages. “I love you.” “You’re special.” “Congratulations.” “I’ll miss you.” “Enjoy - just because!” At Noteology, our favorite way to send a special message is with a signature scent. But buying a scent for someone else can be a really intimidating experience. How can you make sure that you choose something they’ll truly love and actually wear?!

Here are a few tips on how to shop for and buy an amazing fragrance for someone else:

friends discussing signature perfumes

Notice Their Current Favorites: “Excuse me, I LOVE that scent you’re wearing - can you tell me more about it?” Asking about someone’s scent that they’re loving right now can give you some clues as to which notes they really like. Take notice of the fragrances he or she wears and find a new signature scent that brings together all of their favorite notes to make something completely unique or has at least some of the same notes as a fragrance they already own, wear, and love.

perfume as a fashion accessory

Consider Their Sense of Style: The fashion he or she enjoys can also be a great clue as to which perfume or colognes your recipient might enjoy. Lovers of romantic fabrics might really enjoy a floral perfume, like our Pink Peony eau de parfum,  while wearers of leather or more luxe fabrics might appreciate something with a bit of spice, like our Midnight Leather eau de parfum. Try matching the perfume to his or her wardrobe to ensure that this new signature scent is a must-wear accessory.

the scent of campfires

What Do They Love Doing?: Consider the hobbies of your friends and family members in choosing fragrances that might capture what they love. For example, if your friend loves to sail, find a fragrance that has aquatic notes reminiscent of time spent out on the waves. Or, if you have a family member who enjoys hiking or camping, find one that transports you to the woods with notes of pine, cedar, or woodsmoke.

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Play with Ingredients: A signature scent can feel even more special if it has an unexpected note or ingredient. If your recipient is adventurous, look for eau de parfums that possess a little something unexpected in the ingredients list, like myrtle pepper (an exciting note found in the base our Bergamot Bleu eau de parfum) or milk chocolate (a gorgeous base note in our Blood Orange Chocolat eau de parfum).

And when in doubt, give that special someone a gift certificate to Noteology to create his or her own signature scent!

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