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Wedding Day Perfume: Something Completely Special

custom perfume wedding

Wedding days are magical for so many reasons, but one of the most exciting things about getting married is experiencing the day itself. On your wedding day, you’re taking it all in, listening to every sound, feeling every sensation, and of course, enjoying every scent.

Wedding day perfumes are a popular accessory that can enhance the memory of your wedding day in such an intimate way. Scent ties closely to memory, so every time you catch a note of the perfume or cologne you wore on your wedding day, you’ll be brought back to one of your happiest moments - and that’s a gift everyone should be able to enjoy!

Choosing the perfect wedding day fragrance may be the easiest part of your wedding planning journey. Here a few tips from the Noteology team on how to find the perfect scent for your special day!

 Custom Bridal Fragrance by NOTE Fragrances

Comfort in the Familiar

Many brides opt for sticking with a scent they love most, choosing to wear their favorite everyday fragrance or something that features notes you love. It can be soothing on your wedding day to choose a familiar scent - especially if you have some pre-ceremony jitters! Spend time thinking about the scents you love most and the ones that make you happiest. Uplifting notes like bergamot, citrus, or or calming notes like lavender, sage, or chamomile may shine through as the perfect fit in your custom wedding day perfume.

Wedding Party Custom Perfume

P.S. Think about creating a signature scent for your entire wedding party to share! What an amazing gift!

Something New

Sometimes, you just want something completely new and different for those most special of occasions. When you're craving something that can match the tone, feel, and look of your day, create a fragrance blend that'll suit the mood perfectly - and your personality! Custom wedding day perfumes and colognes are an amazing gift to yourself (or for a bride or groom you love!) if you’re looking to experience something that’s completely unique, crafted just for you and your occasion. The bride or groom who embraces the unexpected may try a scent that’s totally different from the everyday, but still captures him or her. (P.S. Looking for something to bring you even closer? You can also create a custom fragrance blend for you and your spouse to wear together!)

NOTE Fragrances Wedding Day Perfume

Create a Memory

Wedding day perfumes that evoke memories of the venue or day itself are a marvelous way to make something truly special. Think about your wedding day and the details you’d love to memorize and bottle. For example, floral scents can be amazing during an afternoon garden wedding - think lilac, rose, jasmine, or other gorgeous notes that will match your bouquet. Getting married on the beach? Find a fragrance that evokes thoughts of the ocean, the tropical blooms that surrounded you, or the warm sunlight on your skin as you said, “I do!”.

Bespoke Wedding Day Perfume by NOTE Fragrances

No matter which type of wedding day cologne or perfume you choose, know that it’s something truly special that can enhance the memory - and experience! - of this amazing moment.

Photo Credit: Rob Lettieri & Jordan DeNike

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