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How To Find the Right Fragrance: Noteology’s Guide to Buying Perfect Scents

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Are you bold and daring? Adventurous and sexy? Sweet and sophisticated? When we think about who we are, we think about the traits we love most in ourselves and how we want to feel when we wear a fragrance. After all, we’re all pretty amazing and have so many things to share!

Choosing a signature fragrance is a similar experience. We think about who we are, what we love, and what we choose to share with the world. Do you want to turn heads when you walk into a room with a perfume that’s exotic and alluring? Radiate warmth and comfort in a deep and soothing scent? Share your boundless energy and enthusiasm with something fresh and bright?

Signature Artisan Fragrances from NOTE Fragrances

Now think about how you want your fragrance to make you feel. Do you want something that makes you feel confident, ready to trailblaze the day? Or maybe you are looking for something that makes you feel sexy and vibrant for that first date you have on Friday night. Really zone in on how you want to feel when you wear it because when you find the connection between the scent you love and how amazing it makes you feel, that connection is priceless.

When you find the perfect perfume or cologne, it’s like the world becomes so much more enhanced. Scent is tied to memories and emotions, so choosing a scent is part of how we wish to experience what’s around us - and it’s part of how we are remembered. When you find your emotions rising and your pleasure sensations coming alive with each sniff, you know you have found your happy place. Or shall we say your happy scent!

When you’re looking to discover your first signature scent or if you want to play with a new perfume that could soon become your go-to, trust the team at Noteology to help with our expert advice and custom perfume studio (yes, you really can design your own!).

Whether you make your own scented oils or discover magic already bottled, use these tips to buy the perfect scent, no matter what your preferences!

Creating the Perfect Signature Perfume at NOTE Fragrances

Think About How You’ll Wear It
Are you an everyday or occasional fragrance wearer? Do you prefer to be subtle or to make a statement? Before you start shopping, be sure to consider how you’ll actually wish you wear your signature scent once it’s discovered! Your environment, sense of style, and even sense of adventure can all play a part in choosing the right perfume or cologne.

Plus, think about where you actually apply your perfume! Do you spritz on your clothes for a long-lasting experience that you can take with you throughout the day, or do you prefer to dab behind your ear, on your neck, or another spot where your fragrance can be enjoyed more intimately when you cuddle up close?

Can’t decide? Try this exercise: for a week or two before fragrance shopping, keep a short journal of moments where and how you apply your perfume - or those moments where you wish you could! This record can help you decipher when and where you can enjoy your new scent.

Perfumer's Organ with a Variety of Scents

Remember Your Favorite Scents - and Why You Love Them!

Because scent is so closely tied to memory, you may catch yourself looking for a signature scent that can transport you back to a specific moment in time so that you can relive it with every spritz. Maybe it was the day you met your husband. Or the moment you knew you were in the right place at the right time. Or maybe it was the night you laughed so hard your sides hurt for days! These emotions are key to tapping into what you will gravitate to naturally.

Sit down with a notepad and think about your favorite moments. What did you smell then? Were you wearing a special fragrance at that time? What was it?

Feeling stuck? Don’t worry! Even if you can’t recall scents from specific memories, you can track down your preferences by asking other questions, like:

  • What’s your favorite season? What scents from that season delight you?
  • What’s your favorite food or fruit?
  • Do you like the smell of flowers? What’s your favorite flower?

List out your answers and bring them with you when you shop for your new scent, as it can be a helpful tool in pointing you toward fragrance choices you might like. Refer back to your list to guide you as you browse the options!

Experimenting with New Scent Combinations in Custom Perfumery

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!

Every perfume or cologne is different for every person. What you may love on your friend may not work as well for you and vice versa. Your unique chemistry will affect how your signature scent is experienced, so we recommend trying scents on your skin before buying.

Even more helpful than trying on your skin can be the test of time. Over time, as your fragrance wears on your skin, you’ll experience different notes of your perfume. Try wearing a scent you’re considering for a few days (or even a few weeks!) if you’re not ready to commit. Trial sizes of fragrances can be a huge help if you’d like to give this method a try!

And of course, play with lots of different scent combinations - even though you love vanilla and sandalwood independently, you may not love them together! Don’t be afraid to layer scents and experiment with the notes you love until you get something you’re happy with. Creating a bespoke fragrance at a custom perfume studio like Noteology can give you the freedom to try different options together until you find a unique recipe that simply perfect for you!

Have questions? Need help crafting your signature perfume or cologne? We can help! Contact us to learn about our custom perfume studio and how we can work with you to design a scent you’ll absolutely love!

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