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It's Tea Time! Sniff Your Way Through That Perfect Cup of Tea

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For most people, you are either a coffee or a tea drinker. In our house, we have one of each. Mark loves coffee. He is a coffee connoisseur, always clamoring for the latest and greatest bean or brew method. He loves pour-overs, siphoned brewing, and on occasion, you will find a double espresso latte in his hand.

I, on the other hand, am the tea lover in this household. The aromas, the flavors, the emotions....ahhhhh. I typically start off the morning with a black Darjeeling or a single-estate green tea and finish the day with an Earl Grey. The bergamot oil in Earl Grey is one of the most soothing and restorative aromas and flavors in my world. No wonder I blend with it so much!

Loose Leaf Tea

While I don’t consider myself a connoisseur like Mark and his coffees, I do enjoy experimenting with tea blends and brewing methods for that perfect cup of taste and aroma. I have moved from tea in bags to loose leaf teas. I love the process of creating my own tea bag or seeing the teas unfold in a tea strainer.

Here are some of my go-to tips on making that perfect cup of loose leaf tea.

Brewing Tea Guide 

Steep Times for Tea

Just like essential oils, teas need special care for optimal longevity and freshness. Here are some tips to keeping your teas at their peak of flavor!

Tea Storage

Looking to get creative? Take a sip of these DIY tea recipes from soothing chai to refreshing iced tea. You will even find tea for the kiddos. Having friends over for a summer barbecue? Treat them to a homemade sweet tea vodka made with my favorite tea, Earl Grey.

(Also, if you're in Scranton, be sure to stop in to our shop during August's First Friday celebration this week. On August 4th, we'll be showcasing Earl Grey sweet tea vodka along with some other surprises. You won't want to miss this 'Happy Hour' at our custom perfume studio. Hope to see you there!)

Last but not least, no matter what you are steeping or brewing, sipping or swirling, take the time to savor it. Often times in our hurried society, it is easy to forget to sit back and just sip.


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