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A Quick & Easy Fragrance DIY: Scented Tissue Paper Drawer Liners

custom perfume diy tutorial

DIY Tissue Paper Fragrance Tutorial

If you love your signature perfume but prefer a lighter application than having to spritz yourself or your outfit each day, here’s a great DIY project that’s easy, fast, and totally perfect for making your perfume part of your wardrobe.

Start with a few sheets of tissue paper (avoid any sorts with glitter!). Lay them out flat on a countertop, table or other flat surface.

Tissue Paper Fragrance Tutorial

Next, take your favorite perfume and spray the tissue paper lightly. Be careful to not soak the tissue paper through too much and try to evenly distribute the fragrance across the sheets.

Let the tissue paper sheets dry completely then use the scented paper to line your dresser drawers.

Scented Drawer Liner Tutorial


Place your clothes on top and voila! You’ve got the perfect way to lightly scent your wardrobe essentials over time without having to make extra sprays of your signature perfume!

DIY Perfume Scented Drawer Liners

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