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Love Across an Ocean

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You never quite know how an event at your store is going to pan out.  Almost anything can throw it off.  From the weather to other events planned that day- it can be hit or miss.  You ask yourself...Will people show up?  Will they like it?  Does it even make sense!  This year, because of two extraordinary people, our Love NOTE Project will go down in the books as one of the best, most loving, most heartfelt projects we have ever produced. Here's why.

We launched 'the Love NOTE Project' last year for Valentine's Day.  We wanted to bring back the old-fashioned, good-hearted spirit of the holiday that is supposed to make our hearts flutter with excitement.  So we invited our customers to write a love NOTE to their Valentine and we would display it in the store.  A Cupid Call would be sent out to the recipient who would then come in and find the NOTE amongst all of the others in the shop.  Once found, they would get a fragrant gift. 

In 2013, it was a hit!  With over 50 love NOTEs in the store, it was a love-filled and exciting time.  This year, we ran it again, with the same amount of enthusiasm and excitement.  But there was one special, one extraordinarily special Love NOTE, that captured our hearts and made us (and everyone else in the shop) cry on Valentine's Day.

I received an email from a woman the week of Valentine's Day who was googling "Scranton Valentine's Day" and our shop came up.  She read about our Love NOTE project and asked if we could write one for her to her boyfriend who lives in Scranton.  She lives in Saudi Arabia.  Of course we agreed and she sent me her love letter.  With their permission, we are sharing it with you:

"My superman Noah❤️..my childhood best friend and the love of my life I miss you so much and I wish if I could be with you today and see your beautiful smile.  Love you from the depths of my heart and I ask God to protect you wherever you go my endless love my valentine  ...Ghido"

Doesn't it just melt your heart!  So on Valentine's Day, we called Noah to let him know Cupid came by and we have a little something special for him.  When he came in, he found his love NOTE and was in shock.  A good love shock.  Shocked, surprised and just in awe that his love orchestrated this from another continent.  He held the Love NOTE close to his heart.  He told us how much he missed her and how they have been in love since they were 3 years old, 19 years ago.  When asked if she will be here for Valentine's Day, he replied that it was complicated and she cannot come here and he cannot go back. Well let the flood gates open, this is where we were all crying.  His love for her was pure.  It was so deep and so beautiful yet so heartbreaking that they are not together.  I hugged a man a barely knew, not because he needed it, but because I did.  I felt for him.  We all did. 

I don't know, nor did I ask, the circumstances of the situation.  I don't know how to help or even if it was wanted.  But what I do know is that in business, when you do something for the greater good, you really have no idea how much good it really can do until it is done.  I never would have thought our little Love NOTE Project in Scranton would connect two sweet souls, across the ocean, for a moment, where they felt that they were together.  I felt her there with him that day and I thank God that this little idea had meaning beyond my wildest expectations. 

To Noah & Ghido, thank you for your endless love and for sharing it with us this Valentine's Day.  You forever touched our hearts.  Love each other with wild abandon-no matter where your physical hearts lie.  xoxo

Click the image below for a short video of the Love NOTE Project 2015.

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