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How Can I Make My Fragrance Last Longer?

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It's morning. You’re ready to take on the day with a hot cup of coffee and your favorite creamer. You reach into the fridge to pull out your morning essentials: that decadent caramel elixir of life that makes your coffee cup sing...and your signature scent.

No, really! Storing your perfume in a cool place like your refrigerator can be a great way to make it last longer. In fact, there are lots of ways that you can make your fragrance last longer through smarter perfume use and storage.

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Just like all of your other cosmetics and skin care favorites, perfume has a definitive shelf life and over time, it will lose its potency and “go bad”. To keep it performing at its best, give your favorite bottles a little extra T-L-C with our perfume storage tips:

Store Your Perfume in a Cool, Dry, Dark Place. Exposing your perfume or cologne to light, heat, or movement can alter the essential oils or other ingredients that make your favorite scent so special.

To make your fragrance last, try storing each bottle upright in a place where it won’t be subject to lots of jostling (think cabinet rather than purse) or direct sunlight. Cool temperatures and limited humidity will also keep your perfume fresher longer, so avoid storing your signature scent in your bathroom medicine cabinet (heat and humidity changes with every shower, yikes!), windowsill, or on top of your dresser. Inside a nightstand cabinet, closet, or other dark, dry spot will work just fine.

As for the fridge storage method we talked about earlier, it may be a great way to store your perfume, too - as long as it’s not too cold (below 41-42 degrees Fahrenheit). We find that we like the crisper for the best placement in the fridge and keeping it in a Ziploc bag ensures no leakage onto your lettuce greens!

Avoid Air Exposure. Sounds funny for a fragrance, right? While applying perfume means plenty of open air, to keep your scent at its best for longer, you’ll want to try to minimize the amount of air exposure it gets while it’s in the bottle.

As tempting as it may be to change up the bottle to something more colorful or decorative, avoid transferring your fragrance to another container or decanter as the air exposure may cause it to oxidize and lose that amazing quality you love so much! Double check after application to make sure your cap or stopper is securely in place so that your perfume stays protected from exposure - and smelling absolutely fabulous.

And of course, stay in tune with your scent! Over time, you’ll want to check in on your perfume to note any changes to the way it looks or smells. Turning a funny color? Smelling a little off? It may be time to get a new bottle or to try something new.  Don’t worry - we can help you there! :)

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