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Fragrances for Her

Finding an artisan perfume that you love is like finding a best kept secret, like the stylist that always gets your cut right or the cafe that makes a coffee so decadent that each and every sip is a journey for the taste buds. Suddenly, you have a scent that speaks to you.  It’s what you look forward to experiencing when you dress because you know it’s the ideal accessory.
Noteology is your new best kept secret for artisan, small-batch, hand-crafted perfume. Our founder and perfumer Danielle expertly designs unique perfumes by sourcing the finest ingredients from all around the world and formulating them into fragrances with depth and evocation.  While crafting her fragrances, Danielle works through her passion for the psychology of scent and is inspired by the loves in her life: travel, places and people.  Each fragrance will take you on a journey as you ebb and flow through the notes and feel the emotions in each bottle.
Experience the unexpected pop of white pepper with bright mandarin. Delight in vanilla, yuzu, and neroli. Smile at sweet orange and wildflower honey paired with frankincense and sandalwood. Escape with coconut and sugar.  Our eau de parfum sprays are the ideal scents for those who want more than just another designer fragrance. We offer something more because we believe that scents offer something more. Shop our selection today for the signature eau de parfum spray you love - and your newest best kept secret.