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To Spray or To Roll - That is the Question!

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When you’re putting together your outfit for the day, for a big event, or any other kind of occasion, you usually spend a few moments thinking about how you’ll tie it all together. Shoes, bags, or jewelry can make everything work - but it’s that signature perfume that’s really the finishing touch!

Fragrance to Complete Your Favorite Outfits

Fragrances for all occasions can make an appearance in your wardrobe as a staple piece, but like a staple, they can come in different shapes and sizes to suit your mood. A gorgeous skirt can be dressed up or down. A little black dress can wow with a pop of bright jewelry or be classic and elegant with pearls. It’s all up to you on how you style it - and your fragrance is no different!

At Noteology, we offer a signature collection of perfumes and colognes for any sense of style, but one question we hear over and over is, “Should I spray or roll my favorite scent?” (And we thought finding the perfect outfit was a tough one!)

Spray perfumes versus roll-on perfumes have a lot in common, but there are some differences you should keep in mind:

Spray Perfume by NOTE Fragrances

To Spray: Spray perfumes often have a base the includes perfumer’s alcohol, which allows for the fragrance to lay on the skin beautifully. Because of the spray application, the aroma molecules mist onto the skin evenly and allow the notes to evaporate seamlessly so that you experience the notes over time. For these reasons, this is our favorite method of application at Noteology. You can really smell the ebb and flow of the fragrance on your skin this way.

Sprays also allow for more even distribution of your perfume when you spritz onto your skin or clothing, making it a great choice if you’re looking for more coverage without having multiple reapplications. Not to mention, a bottle of spray fragrance can go the distance since you’re only using a little at a time!

Roll On Perfume

To Roll: Roll-on perfumes often have an oil base which allows for you to experience all of the notes in your scent at once. If you love the notes all together rather than separately, roll-on may be a great choice for you. Roll-ons can be more discreet in their coverage, so if you don’t mind reapplying throughout the day or if you prefer a more subtle fragrance, they could be a perfect fit for you!

At Noteology, we are big fans of the spray method, but if you prefer a roll-on, we won’t judge! Both sprays and roll-on perfume varieties can interact with your skin differently and produce slightly different results, so it may be wise to try your favorites in both styles. Find a scent that works for you in a way that works for you! That’s really the most important part!

Not sure where to begin? Stop in to visit our custom fragrance studio so you can experience the creation of your very own signature scent. Can’t make it to Scranton? Explore our Deluxe Fragrance Mini Collection, a fragrance mini of all of the fragrances in our collection. And yes, they will be a spray :-)  


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