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Exploring Aromatherapy for Children

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The plastic or rubber of your raincoat as you splashed in puddles. Hot dogs, clay, and freshly mowed grass on the little league ballfield. Warm flannel pajamas. Soapy bubbles. Earthy mud pies. Juicy blackberries that stained your fingers and cheeks.

As a child, we all have so many scents that we associate with our memories. In fact, our memory of those scents of our youth can be incredibly powerful! But as parents, it can be a little harder for us to recognize what scent can do for our little ones - including how we can use it to our child’s benefit!

Childhood Scents: Blowing Bubbles

Aromatherapy for children is something that you may not have considered, but adding some scents or essential oils to your daily routine can make a big difference for you and your little one. Not only can you help your child with associating positivity with certain aromas, but you can also aid in his or her overall wellness.

Here are some of our favorite aromatherapy scents to use for helping your little one cope with the hiccups, uh-ohs, and boo-boos they come across on their adventures:


Orange: If your little guy or gal loves to get messy, draw, or paint their way into some trouble, use orange essential oils to clean up their favorite spaces. Orange oil can be used for cleaning walls, counters, or other surfaces, as it has some light antibacterial properties. Plus it’s so refreshing! We prefer citrus oils to harsh cleansers for playrooms or play areas.

Lavender Flowers

Lavender: This lovely floral oil is known for its ability to boost wound healing and to aid in relaxation when you’re feeling anxious. Add lavender essential oil to cuts, grazes, or burns to speed up healing. Have a nightmare? Lavender can ease your child back to sleep after a bump in the night.


Chamomile: We love chamomile for its soothing and relaxing traits, making it a great oil to have on hand for calming at bedtime or for soothing troubled skin. For rashes (can you say a trip through the woods and a case of poison ivy?), chamomile and oatmeal baths can provide much needed relief. If your child is having trouble sleeping, chamomile can work better than counting sheep!

Tea Tree

Tea Tree: If your child is an explorer (and tends to get into everything), tea tree can be a great essential oil to keep on hand for applying topically. This antimicrobial oil is wonderful for rashes, insect bites, wound healing, dandruff, or burns.

An important note for using essential oils with children: It’s always a must to use a carrier oil (e.g. coconut, avocado, jojoba, argan, or olive oils) when applying essential oils. Use this guide for dilution to keep your essential oils from being too harsh!

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