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Why Host a Private Perfume Party?

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Private perfume parties are one of our favorite activities at NOTE Fragrances. There is nothing more rewarding or special than helping someone discover her signature scent while making memories with a group of friends or beloved family members. We’ve seen you laugh, cry, share stories, and positively glow with joy as you explore new aromas and create something of your very own to take home. Our job doesn’t get any better than this!

There are plenty of reasons to organize or host a custom perfume party at NOTE Fragrances, but here are some of our favorites:

To Spice Up Your Routine

We all can feel a little stuck sometimes, but getting together with those we care about to create something can be just the adventure you’re looking for! If you want to beat a case of the winter doldrums or break up a busy season with relaxed afternoon with an intimate group of friends, a custom perfume party can be just what the doctor ordered! Let your party be guided by a sense of adventure or the need to bring some calm back into your busy life - we’ve got fragrance notes that’ll fit whatever mood you’re going for! (P.S. Feeling the need to escape? You can even let your custom perfume party take you on a scent vacation!)

Custom Fragrance Party to Celebrate A Special Occasion

To Commemorate Something Important

Birthdays, engagements, weddings, or even the arrival of a new baby can be celebrated with scent. Using fragrance notes that capture the essence of an occasion, we’ll help you bottle your memories and experiences so that you can enjoy them long after that date is past! Or, if you’re looking for a signature scent to wear for an upcoming occasion such as a wedding (we specialize in wedding day perfumes and fragrance wedding favors!), gala, or anniversary, let us help you find the perfect fit with a few friends, a glass of champagne, or some chocolates!

To Let Your Creativity Shine

Artists can work in all sorts of mediums. If you’re feeling the need to be creative and want to share in the joy of making something new and unexpected, host a custom perfume party that allows for you and your guests to really explore the senses! Guided by your nose, you’ll blend and play with all sorts of notes until you find the perfect combination. It’s a bit like solving a puzzle - or making a masterpiece!

Custom Fragrance Party for Team Bonding

To Bond With Your Team

If you’ve ever been to a company retreat or a team building exercise, you’ve probably experienced a sense of deja vu - it seems like all of these get togethers involve the very same exercises. But, did you know that NOTE Fragrances can liven up your next employee appreciation day or team workshop with a custom fragrance party? It’s true! Companies that encourage creativity and the unexpected will absolutely love turning their next team-builder into an interactive experience for the senses!

To Raise Funds For Your Favorite Causes

Raising money for charity or bringing new members into your organization doesn’t have to be another traditional dinner or raffle ticket sale. If you’re active in the community or have a cause you feel really passionate about, put that passion to work and use a custom perfume party as an opportunity to spread the word about your organization, raise funds, and do something completely different! NOTE Fragrances hosts a variety of fragrance fundraisers in our custom perfume studio that you can explore with your organization - you’ll love it and your guests will love it too!

To Make New Memories

Custom perfume parties are a lovely opportunity to get together with the friends or family who make you smile until your cheeks hurt or laugh until your sides ache! Bring a few beverages, snacks, and settle in for a fun evening or afternoon that’s sure to give your loved ones something to talk about for years to come. Best of all, you get to take home a fragrance that you can have refilled again and again whenever you wish to relive the experience!

Make New Memories with a Custom Perfume Party

Just Because!

And the best reason of all to host a custom perfume party is to just have fun! We can’t tell you how many folks come into NOTE Fragrances looking to try something new with us. We hope that the next time you’re looking to feel creative, make memories, or celebrate an occasion, you’ll do it with a little help from our party planning team!

Contact us today to learn more about custom fragrance parties to fit all occasions!

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