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Take a Scent Vacation with a Getaway-Inspired Perfume Party

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When the weather turns chilly and the skies look dreary, it’s easy to daydream about an escape. It may be tempting to want to run off to a new place, but if your bank account or schedule doesn’t allow for a spur-of-the-moment trip, let your senses be your guide.

NOTE Fragrances Perfume Party

Scent vacations are a wonderful way to indulge your wanderlust without ever having to leave home. And, it’s even more fun when you can invite some friends or family along! At Noteology, we host fragrance parties in our studio to help those looking for a new adventure to get away without ever having to get on a plan. Getaway-inspired perfume parties create inspired experiences for loved ones that capture the scents you’d otherwise encounter in a favorite destination. It’s the perfect way to beat the winter blues!

If you’re curious about booking a getaway-inspired perfume party with Noteology, contact us to learn more - we can help you plan all of the details and create an unforgettable scent experience for you and your guests. In the meantime, get your creative wheels turning with a few of these vacation-inspired fragrance party themes - they may be just what the doctor ordered when those cold weather doldrums hit!

Jet Off to…

Tuscany Inspired Fragrance Party

A Tuscan Villa: Under the sun in Tuscany you’ll feel reborn. Located in Central Italy, Tuscany is a prominent agricultural region that provides a backdrop for some of history’s most celebrated artists. In fact, it is regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. From the moment you set your eyes on Tuscany’s rolling hills, you’ll see a brilliant palette of color. Olive trees, sprawling vineyards, mineral rich earth, centuries old stone villas and terraces. It feels like home.

The secret to the hearts of your guests with a Tuscan-themed soiree is through the senses. Celebrate the food of the region with an Italian-themed menu that uses fresh produce that’s abundant in the region. Serve up a Tuscan Chianti and breathe in the wine’s notes. Imagine the soil, the sunshine, the herbs, the trees, and the breeze through it all.

  • Notes Of: Lavender, bergamot, anise, lemon, patchouli, basil, rosemary, orange blossoms, clary sage, fennel, leather, and grapes.
  • Nosh On: Prosciutto, fresh crusty bread with olive oil, artichokes, bruschetta, white beans, romaine salad, semifreddo, panna cotta, Chianti, and of course, pasta.
  • Decorate With: Pillar candles, vases of flowers, wine bottles and glasses, potted herbs, ceramics, and crisp linens.

Moroccan Fragrance Party

A Lively Bazaar in Morocco: Located in North Africa on the Mediterranean sea, Morocco is a culturally diverse and rich destination that is a literal feast for the senses. Ancient history is all around you. The spices are intoxicating. The architecture is unbelievably beautiful. And it showcases one of the most diversified cuisines in the world with influences from Europe, Africa, and the Mediterranean. Everything about this destination is delicious.

A fragrance party themed around Morocco is all about transporting your guests around the world and back again by bringing together flavors, scents, and sounds that you’d find in a bazaar. Picture bright threads of saffron at a spice vendor, colorful handwoven rugs and tapestries, the tang of olives, and the fragrant, sweet oranges picked moments before coming to market.

  • Notes Of: Orange, mint, sandalwood, vanilla, ginger, rose, patchouli, amber, frankincense, pepper, fig, and lemon.
  • Nosh On: Olives, roasted almonds, mint tea, pita bread with hummus, apricots, figs, berbere spiced flatbread, chicken tagine with preserved lemons, couscous, and date cake.
  • Decorate With: Lanterns and votives, colorful silk drapes and textiles, mosaics, comfy cushions, and rose petals.
Tahitian Fragrance Party

A French Polynesian Escape: Transport yourself to Tahiti or another island in French Polynesia with a tropical getaway for the imagination. As part of the South Pacific, French Polynesia is made up of a series of lush islands featuring delicious cuisine, rich cultural heritage, and unbelievable natural beauty.

A French Polynesian escape sets the stage by celebrating the flora of the islands, the freshness of the cuisine, and a breezy retreat. Close your eyes and catch the scent of beautiful blooms with a hint of sea spray as you sink deeper into your hammock on the beach.

  • Notes Of: Gardenia, frangipani, Tahitian vanilla, hibiscus, jasmine, ginger, coconut, and sea spray.
  • Nosh On: Banana, pineapple, mango, shrimp, coconut milk, fruit-infused rum, fresh tuna in Poisson Cru, roasted pork, yams, taro, and anything with Tahitian vanilla.
  • Decorate With: Palm fronds, gardenias, flower leis, sand, shells, bamboo, tiki masks, pareu fabrics, and white curtains.

These are just a few of the places you can choose from. Have a favorite vacation spot? Wish you could return to your honeymoon? Wish to capture the essence of a place you can’t wait to travel to? A getaway-inspired perfume party may do the trick!

Contact us to book your private perfume party at our studio and always take the time to daydream!

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