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Ear Guard for Face Mask

Ear Guards for Face Masks


In light of COVID-19, we have partnered with a local 3D printing company to bring our customers ear guards to help take the pressure off your ears from wearing masks all day. This design has been reviewed and approved for use in a clinical setting by the NIH (US National Institute of Health).

Intended to be used to hold the elastic straps of a facial mask and to relieve the pressure of those on the ears, it and can be used by healthcare workers, front-line personnel and anyone who is experience ear pressure from frequent mask use. 

FABRIC FACE MASKS: We have partnered with local and national clothing manufacturers to bring our customers reusable/washable fabric face masks. We are offering 2 types/styles at 2 price points for adults and children. Both are 100% cotton and washable and one type comes with a filter. 

Fabric Face Masks

Fabric Face Masks


HAND RUB: Our high-alcohol hand sanitizing product, called Hand Rub, can be found HERE. It is available in 3 sizes and is the recommended hand sanitizing formula by the World Health Organization. 

WHO Hand Sanitizing Hand Rub


SHEA BUTTER BAR SOAPS: With frequent hand washing and sanitizing, your hands can get very dry. The first defense in combating dry skin begins with a well-made bar of soap. Our Shea Butter Soap is filled with 4 plant botanical oils and lots of shea butter and glycerin for their moisturizing and humectant properties.

Shea Butter Bar Soaps by Noteology


SHEA & COCOA BUTTER BODY CREME: After cleansing, follow up with our super hydrating Body Creme as your skins soaks up the 4 plant botanical oils, shea butter, cocoa butter and glycerin that are in our Body Creme. Available in unscented and scented varieties. 

Shea & Cocoa Butter Body Creme by Noteology

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