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Primetime Emmy Swag Bags! Guess who is in it!

Yes, you’ve heard correctly, Noteology has made it big in Hollywood!


Noteology was chosen as the only fragrance brand for inclusion in the Primetime Emmy swag bags in 2014. The honor came by chance when the owner of the swag bag gifting company was gifted some of Noteology’s perfumes and reached out to our founder, Danielle, to see if she’d be interested in featuring Noteology at the Emmy’s.

Obviously, the answer was a resounding “Yes!” However, the challenge was deciding which fragrances to send. Our most popular White Pepper Mandarin, a blend of clean, fresh, and citrus scents, had to be in the mix. We also included a deluxe sampler trio of Honey Blossom, Santal Woods and Midnight Leather, some of our other best sellers, to give the celebrities an array of fantastic aromas!

What will happen next? We can only hope for big things! Perhaps soon you’ll be saying that you and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are both wearing Noteology. For now, we’ll be continuing to create our scent story and helping you to discover yours!

Happy sniffing…