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Gift Cards

Imagine walking into a bespoke fragrance boutique able to create something truly special that’s all your own. A signature scent you can wear every day, or multiple scents for perfect occasions. Or maybe it is your very own custom candle that you hand-pour in our Custom Candle Studio? And then you find the perfect body crème to moisturize and soothe your skin while pairing perfectly with your perfume. And then there’s the body bar that smells so delicious you can’t resist. And then the amazingly perfect candles that capture the mood, the nourishing lip balms, and….you see where this is going.


You don’t have to be limited when you explore the magic of your senses - so why be limited when you shop at Noteology? Choices are at your fingertips when you start your journey with a gift certificate to Noteology. As the perfect treat for you or someone you love, a Noteology gift card matches any occasion and gives you complete control over your shopping experience.

Find a little something special (or five somethings!) to match your mood or your desires for something completely unique. Use our gift cards on our decadent body crème, our shea butter bar soaps, or on creating a custom perfume or a custom candle just for you - the options, just like our scent combinations, are endless!