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Cab Franc Wine Candle | NOTE Fragrances

Cab Franc Wine Candle

$10.00 $20.00

Experiencing wine is one of indulgence, of excitement and of pleasure. The taste, the feel and the aromas are beautiful and often intoxicating. Our founder & perfumer was determined to capture that experience and translate it into an amazingly authentic candle. One that picks up on the nuances of the notes and mimic the aroma when first swirled and opened to the nose.

After many days (and some nights) of swirling, sniffing and tasting, Danielle created 9 aromatic blends that speak to the heart of the sensory experience only found with your nose in a glass. She transformed those aromas from one glass to another, harmoniously blending aromatics that are elevated, authentic and realistic.

Our Cab Franc Wine Candle is inspired by the cabernet franc vinifera grape that produces a wine that is deep, hardy and full of body. The aromas of this candle reflect that body and warmth as it swirls in the glass. 

Notes of: stewed strawberries | mission fig | french oak 

Burn time: Up to 40 hour burn time

Size: 7.0 oz. 

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