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Making Scranton Parking Easier...and Free!

As we turn the page to our 7th year in business in downtown Scranton, we reflect back on the growth, revitalization and excitement that we see in Scranton each and every day. But with this came changes with parking: where you can park, how much it costs to park (it has steadily increased) and how you pay for it (no more meters, paying via kiosk or app).

While we love our city and its growth, we understand that parking can be a challenge for our customers and we want to make it easier and free, for our customers. With that in mind, our team put their thinking caps on and devised a plan that would make it a better experience for you when you shop with us.

Our goal is to match our in-store experience, one that we are very proud of, with the out-of-store experience on the streets of Scranton in regards to parking. With that, we have decided to offer multiple free parking options and reimbursements to our customers. Here they are! 

OPTION 1: Local-Pick-Up.

This is something we have offered since we opened and many customers are using this option already! This is where you shop online and select "Local Pick-Up" as your shipping method during checkout. Then you come to the shop to pick-up your order.

If you are going to shop more in the store, we will pay for 1 hour of street parking for you by discounting your in-store order by $2. If you don't intend on shopping and just want to grab your order and go, we recommend you select "Curbside Service" as your shipping method during checkout. In doing so, we will bring your order out to your car and you don't have to park (or pay for it). *Local Pick-Up is available for both of our locations. 

OPTION 2: Curbside Service. 

With this option, you place your order online with Curbside Service as your shipping method during checkout or call in your order and pay via phone. We will call you when your order is ready and you can pick it up at your convenience. When you are at the shop, simply stop your car with your hazards on in front of the shop, call us at 570-343-2100 to let us know you are outside and we will bring your order out to your car, free of charge. 

OPTION 3: Shop in the store & we will reimburse your parking. 

With every purchase in-store, show us your parking receipt from the pay-station, garage or Pango mobile app and we will reimburse you for 1 hour of parking for non-Custom Studio experience purchases by discounting your order by $2.

Are you making a fragrance in our Custom Studio...AWESOME! We will reimburse you for 2 hours of parking, by discounting your order by $4.

We hope that these options will encourage our loyal customers to continue supporting our local businesses while making out-of-store experience as great as our in-store experience.

With the parking landscape changing, here are answers to some FAQs and feel free to reach out to us at any time if we can assist further at scranton@noteology.com or by calling 570-343-2100.


Q. Where can I park?

  • STREET: You can park on all of the streets around us (we are on Wyoming Ave.) using the Pango smart parking system via the paying kiosks on the streets or via the Pango mobile app.
  • THE MARKETPLACE AT STEAMTOWN: You can also park in the The Marketplace at Steamtown (formerly the Streamtown Mall) but you must patronize the mall to park here. So grab a Starbucks or a deal at Boscovs and then walk to our shop.
  • GARAGE: There are several parking garages throughout town. Garage parking is 24/7 with the exception of The Marketplace at Steamtown Garage which is only open during mall hours of 10 am-9 pm daily. If you are going to park in a garage, we recommend the Connell garage on N. Washington Ave. Click HERE for garage locations.

Q. When do you have to pay for parking?

Parking on the streets is from 8 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday. Outside of those times and weekends, it is free to park on the street. Garage parking is 24/7.

Q. How much does parking cost?

STREET: 1 quarter gets you 8 minutes and you are charged in 8 minute increments. Up to 2 hours of parking is $2 per hour. Two hour maximum per spot. $1.00 minimum if paying with a credit card. 

THE MARKETPLACE AT STEAMTOWN & ALL GARAGES: Click HERE for garage locations and rates. 

Q. Are there any other fees? 

Yes, if you use the Pango mobile app for street parking, there is a $0.25 convenience fee per transaction.  

Q. I'm handicapped. How does that work? 

Handicap parking is free for 1 hour of street parking with a valid handicap license plate or placard. 

Q. What do I need to do to park on the street?

It's easy! Park your car in a designated spot. Pay at the on-street pay station (it accepts quarters or credit card, no cash bills or other coins) or use the Pango mobile app by downloading the app onto your smartphone and follow the prompts. **You need to enter your license plate at the pay-station, so don't forget that when you leave your car.

Q. Does this apply to your sister store, Olfactif?

Yes it does! 

Q. Will you reimburse parking on the weekends?

No. Street parking is free on the weekends! 

Want more details on street parking and how to do it, click below for a video of how it works. 

 *video courtesy of www.scrantonpaparking.com