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Wild flower Sugar Scrub

Feeling Smitten Bath Bakery


Feeling Smitten Bath Bakery offers the best fizzy bubble cupcakes, cakes and all things fun and bakery-inspired for your bath! Relax and enjoy a bath that is full of moisture rich ingredients to smooth and soothe you and your skin while soaking up one of the many scents!

Their bath bombs & bakery bath treats are all handmade with the finest high quality ingredients and are super colorful for kids and teens alike! Enjoy these exciting and moisturizing bath and body treats!


This is a solid, sweet smelling, bath bomb fizz that softens the water and moisturizes your skin while you soak in the relaxing natural salts released into your bath. They are the same size as real cupcakes and weigh approximately 4.5 ounces. The base (or the cake portion) will fizz as it releases our handcrafted blend of soaking salts into your bath. The sugar whipped icing top dissolves more slowly so you can use it as an exfoliating sugar scrub.


    More FUN for your bath with these fun-shaped Bath Bombs. Each handcrafted bomb “explodes” in your tub to soothe, soften and leave you smelling oh so sweet! Features the nourishing, stress relieving benefits of Epsom salt and available in many mouth watering scents. Each bath bomb is 6 oz.


    Bathe me in magic dust and call me a unicorn! Add more FIZZY FUN to your bath with a glorious packet of magically handcrafted Magic Dust Fizz that releases a soothing, softening blend of epsom salts, beautiful colors and oh so sweet fragrance into your bath! 


    Naturally sweet and hand-blended sugar scrubs, perfect for getting rid of dry skin so smooth skin comes to the surface. Fun and playful scents make it an easy shower treat! Approximately 9 oz. 

    Moon Soaps

    • Blue Moon: is a feminine symbol that universally represents the rhythm of time and the cycle of life. Each one of its phases symbolize immortality, eternity and enlightenment. Let the winds of change fill your sails. Amber gems are formed by fossilized tree resin and balance both body and mind.
    • Dark Moon: With the lunar face hidden from sight, the intuitive part of the self takes over. This is a time for rest and renewal as lessons learned become the wisdom needed for new beginnings. Take time and connect to the mystery of life with a grounding agate stone featuring dreamy bands of minerals balanced in nature’s perfect symmetry.
    • New Moon: The moon aligns with earth and sun in perfect celestial order a crescent sliver of light illuminates the darkness. Untold adventures and new beginnings are taking shape as refreshed dreams emerge from the subconscious to become reality. Ground your hopes and visions with a beautifully banded agate stone that inspires confidence and bold action.
    • Pink Moon: The waxing moon casts a soft light over fresh spring blooms. The glow illuminates new life as seasons change and nature renews. The flowers will always return. This special phase of beauty and joy is an ideal time for listening to your heart. Rose quartz is a beautiful bearer of positive energy and peace.
    • Super Moon: is a full moon that nearly coincides with perigee - the closest that the moon comes to the earth in its elliptic orbit. when the full super moon illuminates the skies there is an intensification of lunar energy. Embrace the power within and prepare yourself for great things! Tiger’s eye gem helps release fear and inspire action.

      Maker: Feeling Smitten | Asheville, NC

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